About us


Welcome to Get BUBBLY - my bit of cabbage in the cyberkraut!

I'm Kellie Jordan and I am super excited about ferments. About 10 years ago, I read the book Real Food, by Nina Planck, and it opened my eyes to a {very} different way of eating. From there, I bumped into the Weston A. Price Foundation and learned about whole, traditional foods and preserving the harvest with salt.


I've been fermenting ever since! During the growing season, I put up Veggies in the reliable standards of Krauts, Kimchis and Dillies, as well as trying new ideas for Slaws, Noodles and Sticks with a priobiotic kick. I do Fruits in Chutneys and quick Pickles, and use the trimmed bits as flavor in Water Kefir and second-ferment Kombucha.


In the off-season, I focus more on teaching the basics of brewing Beverages like Kefir, Kombucha and Ginger Beer, but these also shine during the warmer months when you have access to fruits for extra flavor and variety.


I'm so glad you're here to learn more about fermenting! Check out my site and pop in to say hi on facebook. I love fielding questions and solving the riddle for why something did or didn't turn out right- Life is one giant Experiment, after all.

So get your hands on some gorgeous veg and cram it into jars. And get BUBBLY!